Our Difference

Evan Westerlund

Coach, Facilitator, Partner

Evan Westerlund

+46 708 30 2901

Minna Westerlund

Coach, Facilitator, Partner

Minna Westerlund

. +46 709 25 2906

We have spent the past 22+ years developing organisations, teams and individuals. What we know is that in every office building you see, there are people in search of new or refined skills, frameworks, tools, methods and increased confidence to pursue their goals. What we also know is that people stay where they can grow.

Generact was founded in 2006 with a clear intent to deliver a powerful process, and utilize a methodology that could create an impact. It has been an exiting ride! We feel honoured to work in such a personal space, and with so many wonderful clients over the years. It is gratifying to work every day with the goals, ambitions, challenges, hopes, dreams, and achievements of others. 

If you get around and ask our clients, we are confident that you’ll hear words like genuine interest, care & action-oriented methods as our difference. Genuine interest in every participant’s progress. Care for well being in the different dimensions of organisation, team, and individual. And methods that are proven with a track record to get results. We will meet you where you are at, yet we will not simply accept the same old arguments & justifications for staying there. We have the capacity to empathize, yet we also dare to question beliefs & ways of working. We are capable of  challenging a status quo and working with you to change it in a way that is both effective and efficient. We go all in on partnering toward an outcome that is better than the one that brought you to us.

Our Beliefs & Standards


Making LEAP's requires courage. We guide you to explore beyond your comfort-zone. It is where opportunities await.


We design new realities, addressing sometimes complex human & organizational challenges. This requires a clear collaborative effort.


Improving outcomes needs more than models & theories. We practice and teach action-generation. What gets learned, gets implemented.


What is better than progress? Continued progress. We work with you to re-vision and define methods to sustain learning & results.

Extraordinary Leaps Of Progress

Engaging with us is about you, your current context, and taking charge of your future. It is about your team(s). It is about commitment, action, determination, and new ways forward driven by the right motivations. We define clear objectives at three levels: Organization, Team & Individual, and then we get to work creating LEAP’s: Learning Enabled Accelerated Progress.

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