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Training Modules

Generact’s virtual training sessions are the opposite of passive webinars.

Each module is a fully interactive training session, where you’ll learn by doing and participate in hands-on exercises with other attendees. Modules are instructor-lead and can be purchased and attended separately, or combined into a full program to meet your personal or company needs. Each training topic area can work as a stand alone skill-set with a variety of application opportunities. Professionals from all functions within an organization can benefit from these compact learning experiences. If you are unsure which module or modules apply best for what you are trying to achieve, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are easy to talk to and can share ideas, specific examples and use cases to help you make wise decisions.

Negotiation Training

Negotiation Strategy

Discover your own negotiation & conflict instincts and learn from the behaviours of others. Gain insights into human nature, and dynamics of conflict. Learn to build sustainable partnerships with a broader view and approach to both internal & external negotiations.
4 Hours

Preparation Assets

Learn the effects of short-term vs. long-term thinking in negotiation, and understand key elements of information sharing & gathering. Recognise common negotiation pitfalls, and walk away with a robust preparation framework that will increase your negotiation confidence.
4 Hours

Aligning on Process

Engage in micro-skills training to take a practical grip on key skills that will enable you to create trust, and gain counterpart alignment in the negotiation process. Prepare for an upcoming meeting, and to establish a shared purpose for production discussions.
4 Hours

Interests & Motivations

Take information gathering to a whole new new level, and sharpen sharpen your questioning & listening skills. You'll focus on a live case of your own, preparing and practicing methods to draw out key information, while simultaneously building a deeper trust in the process.
4 Hours

Multi-Issue Negotiations

Learn to navigate, confidently, the complexities of multi-issue negotiations. Identify different issue types and build a framework for adjusting your bargaining approach to meet best possible outcomes. With visual data, you'll discover your strengths & weaknesses in distributive & integrative negotiations.
4 Hours

Respond to Difficult Tactics

Identify a list of the most common competitive tactics. Understand how counterparts use these tactics against you and the emotional/behavioural effects. Apply a communication approach that will help you connect, maintain emotional balance, change the psychological game, and strengthen dialogue.
4 Hours

Cross Cultural Negotiations

Understand differing cultural approaches in negotiation and learn to check your group based assumptions. Utilize effective negotiation process to create trustworthy & productive working relationships in an international partnership scenario, despite strong cultural differences.
4 Hours

Manage Difficult Emotions

Analyze the psychological effects of anger in negotiation, and learn to avoid the most common pitfalls caused by powerful emotions. Apply a 3-step framework for managing difficult conflicts and resolving disputes while neutralising tactical anger at the bargaining table.
4 Hours


Motivate to Action

One of the ongoing questions for leaders is 'how do we get others to want to do what we need them to do'? Learn to empower the right people for the right reasons. Motivate them to action by understanding motivation and sharpening your communication skills.
3.5 Hours

The Power of Feedback

One key skill central to the role of leadership is the ability to provide the type of feedback that lifts people and strengthens culture. Learn to harness the power of feedback to boost morale, increase focus, improve performance, and create an impact.
3.5 Hours

Delegate to Empower

One primary function of leadership is to create more leaders, not more followers. So how do we do this? One way is through effective delegation. In this session we will prepare and apply a high-level delegation process the enables delegates, increases responsibility and result.
3.5 Hours

Coaching Skills

Global Gallup polls suggest one highly important differentiator in leadership is the ability to be a good coach. Prepare and practice Generact's COBS Coaching Framework to enhance the growth of coach, coachee, and the results from the coaching process.
3.5 Hours
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