An Open Letter

An Open Letter

Expeditions to Confidence

Dear Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & CEOs

We are writing this letter to share the following: 

We believe within every organization, team and individual there exists the potential for Extraordinary Leaps of Progress.

So, how do you get there?

Begin with people. People lead, people negotiate, and people drive the performance of teams. COVID19 should not disrupt, or put on hold, necessary development plans for your people. Now, in changing times, we need to develop more than ever. It is only how we do it that may need to be different. Your investments in people – even during these crazy COVID days – should focus on developing confidence. Teams and individuals need enhanced confidence in their current areas of expertise, added confidence new areas & changes that require new skills, and more confidence to adapt to what is suddenly a rapidly changing business landscape.

Imagine your people continuously exploring more of their potential, even during challenging times. Imagine them seeking input from others, be accountable for both growth and results, and daring to make LEAP’s of progress. Captilalizing on potential during uncertain times, and times of crisis can become your differentiator. Change is all about capturing, building on, and channeling confidence. Decision-making, communication, team cohesiveness, commitment, agility, and strategy execution, depend on it.

But confidence is not taught, it’s discovered.

We guide our clients on Expeditions to Confidence: confidence in personal and organizational leadership, negotiation (deal-making and dispute resolution), and healthy team performance. When you engage with us, on-line, or in eventual face-to-face meeting environments when restrictions ease, you will quickly discover that we are not a quick-fix seminar, or workshop. We drive a highly effective process that delivers the right learning, the right discussions, action-generation, and improved outcomes. We’ve been at this for quite a while now, and we know how to get you there.

Here are 3 reflective challenges:

  1. Look for situations where increased confidence could pay off within your organization or situation. 
  2. Observe behaviours of your people, on-line & off. Try to spot where sufficient confidence is at play, or where there is a lack of it.
  3. Ask yourself: what might be possible in these situations when there is increased confidence?

Share some of your discoveries with us. Drop us a note at

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This open letter marks the beginning of a conversation we’ll be having with you about leadership, negotiation, and healthy team performance during and after (if there is an after…) COVID times. More to come…

 Evan + Minna

Co-Founders, Generact AB

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