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Our focus

We work with organizations, teams & individuals to make good things happen. This is accomplished through listening, facilitating, advising where necessary, coaching and guiding. We stand for a supportive, engaging methodology when building skills & competence, and for truly tailored solutions that generate action & impact.

We work across a broad range of leadership contexts. From tailored International Leadership Programs, to Executive Team Development, to High Potentials Leader Development, to Personal Leadership & Communication Programs, and personal Coaching.

Change Processes

We often see change processes hindered by issues of engagement, involvement, and practical implementation. We support ogranizations to overcome these by facilitating at crucial stages, helping to shift perspectives, establish ownership, and generate important next-step actions.

Team Development

We support teams to create traction improving group dynamics, trust, conflict management, commitment levels, accountability, and result-focus. Prestige out – spirit, focus, fun & responsibility in. Accelerated development where results show up through implementation.


We all negotiate everyday, whether in Sourcing, Purchasing, Partnering, Leadership, Sales, Legal or Quality. Gain top-notch negotiation competence as an individual or team in Open Programs, or as an entire organization with our Tailored Negotiation Solutions.

When it comes to leadership, facilitating change, problem solving, or engaging in cooperation initiatives, you might find our tailored negotiation solutions of high interest & relevance.

Our Approach

We often hear " It's all about content". In our world, methodology is key to bring program content alive in the day-to-day. We approach it as a process. How much time is spent in each area below depends on context, ambition levels, and resources available for you to pursue your improvement initiative. Whether it is a personal coaching process, or a global executive team, our methodology is sound, and gets results.
Results through engagement, ownership, empowerment & action.
  • Understand & Assess

    It is important for us to understand organization, team, an individual context. Clarifying starting points, desired outcomes, barriers & muti-level motivations, provides a solid foundation for us to tailor effective solutions.

  • Design & Tailor Solutions

    Tailored training & development is something we have been doing successfully for coming on 19 years. We create the right type of learning space, and high relevance at all levels of organization, team & individual.

  • Delivery & Implementation

    We deliver top notch, stretch-your-comfort-zone, active learning experiences that target motivations & desired outcomes. Implementation is key, and we support this stage by advising and coaching where appropriate.

  • Follow-up, Measurement & Renewal

    Effective follow-up & measurement secures ROI from training or change initiatives in both short & long term. Thus, we build it in. Supporting to find maximum impact and sustainability is something we stand for.


Evan Westerlund
Evan Westerlund
Partner, Consultant, Trainer
“Why have I been doing this thing for going on 19 years? Frankly, I just find it to be a real inspiration to support others toward goal achievement. And I enjoy being inspired by what others are capable of. It is something I’m made for, and meant for. So I follow that…”
Minna Westerlund
Minna Westerlund
Partner, Trainer, Consultant
Why I have worked with people & development for 19 years? I love being a catalyst for growth, and to see both people & organizations thrive. What I do is highly meaningful; I am inspired by tangible results and I get to constantly grow together with our customers…

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