Who we are...

Evan Westerlund

Coach, Facilitator

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Minna Westerlund

Coach, Facilitator

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Our Mission:

...to eliminate waste of potential

Generact was founded in 2006 on a promise to always deliver powerful personal & organisational development. We care deeply, and aim to expose potential, translate it into courage, openness, and learning enablement. When you step into a development process with us, expect a very pure dedication, expert training & coaching, and a very important constant: challenging you, always, to go beyond what you already know

This is not work for us. It’s a passion. Your progress is what fuels us.

Our Beliefs & Standards


Making LEAP's requires courage. We guide you to successfully explore beyond your comfort-zone. It is where opportunities await.


We design new realities, addressing sometimes complex human & organizational challenges. This requires a clear collaborative effort.


Improving outcomes needs more than models & theories. We practice and teach action-generation. What gets learned, gets implemented.


What's better than progress? Continued progress. We work with you to re-vision and define methods to sustain learning & results.

Extraordinary Leaps Of Progress

We define clear objectives at three levels: Organization, Team & Individual, and then we get to work creating LEAP’s: Learning Enabled Accelerated Progress. Engaging with us is about you, your team (s) commitment, action, determination, new ways forward and improved outcomes

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